Silvia Emme is the most famous Italian sand animation artist In Europe.

She was born March 4th 1978 in Recanati. Since the third grade, given her talent for drawing, she attended for three years her first painting class with the master Nando Carotti, which introduced her at the art as a discipline to discover and explore.

Finished middle school, she enrolled at the Art Institute in Ancona where approaches to the electronic image and the graphics, but after these five years, not satisfied, she feel the need to go back, to seek her way between technical older and enrolled in the painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata.
Painting not by all the information she needed and after only one year, she changed course and successfully explores the disciplines of restoration.

Silvia believes that art is a way to represent concepts which then must be within the reach of all. To be within the reach of everyone must be expressed in a simple, must not speak a language, but all of them.
Over the years at the Academy, encountering many other students who attended different courses, she tried them on, arriving to know and try the sand: easy to obtain, at no cost, soft and comforting to the touch.
It was easy to choose what to use, now she had to find out how.

The Sand Animation is the result of the sum of the various experiences gathered over the years of study and is so much technological as primitive is its universal language.
Silvia calls it Sand Animation and not Sand Art because the moving sand makes sense as a subject that is continually changing . Her brushes are her fingers and she uses all 10 during each performance.

In March 2011, the Sand Animation becomes her real job that she does performance for public and private events.

Silvia collaborates with the most prestigious Italian and international companies: Action Partner -- Alphaomega -- Activision/Blizzard Entertaiment -- Agema Corporation -- Alessandro Rosso Group -- AON Benfield -- A World of Events -- Banca Popolare di Milano -- Bimby (Vorwerk) -- BSE Holding -- Camera di Commercio di Macerata -- Candy Crush Saga by King -- Carnevale di Viareggio -- Clown & Clown Festival -- Comune di Perugia -- Controvento Marketing & Communication -- Costa Crociere -- Datamatic -- Detoille -- Divino Etrusco (Comune di Tarquinia) -- Editree Eventi -- Edizioni Comunication Project -- Elektronabava (Slovenia) -- Esport Solidari Internacional (Spain) -- Forte Village Resort -- Fundaciò PortAventura (Spain) -- Gattinoni Incentive & Events -- Grottini Advanced Retail World -- Idee per Viaggiare -- In Evidence -- INA Assitalia -- Kevin Stea (That Rogue Romeo) -- Lab Promotion -- La Gardenia Profumerie -- Leonardelli Image Consulting -- Lucchini RS --  Luxury Wedding (Lebanon/France/Italy) -- Madison Mark -- Marche Endurance Lifestyle 2013 -- NWR (Namibia - Africa) -- Nissan -- Novartis Oncology -- NürnbergMesse -- Nuok -- Pfizer -- Philip Morris International -- PortAventura (Spain) -- Prima Komunicacjie (Slovenia) -- Prodigys Group -- Roche -- RMP_LAB -- Rotary Club International -- Rotary Club Milano -- Sanofi Aventis -- Sense of Africa (Namibia - Africa) -- SOS Villaggi dei Bambini -- Sorgente Tione e Acqua Claudia -- Team Wide -- The Children For Peace Onlus -- Triumph International -- Top Team -- TTG Italia -- Tuttosport -- Weber St. Gobain -- World Lottery Summit 2014

Her performances of great emotional impact, are required in many tv shows: Cose dell’altro Geo (Rai Tre), Voyager (Rai Due), Ragazzi c’è Voyager (Rai Due), That’s Italia (La7), La TV Ribelle (Rai Gulp), RoxyBar Tv.

On September 2013, Silvia has performed at the "Blue Carpet Night" party hosted by Maserati at the 70th Venice International Film Festival.

For the holiday season, in 2011 Silvia creates the ending theme of TG2 (RAI), and in 2012 and 2013, the spots of "Happy Holidays" and "Happy New Year" for PREMIUM CINEMA (Mediaset channel). In December 2013, CANDY CRUSH SAGA’s team asks Silvia to make a video to wish "Merry Christmas" to their fans.

Addition to the TV, other media are interested in her: D by La Repubblica, Pinocchio (Radio DeeJay), TGR (RAI 3) Why Marche, Piacere Magazine, Swide (Dolce & Gabbana Magazine), Class Horse TV, Blitz Quotidiano and Mauxa.

On three occasions, the international pop star MIKA shares 3 videos created by Silvia in his songs: Underwater Popular and Stardust. The video "Stardust" has had more than 335,000 views.

For Wicked 10th Anniversary on Broadway Silvia has make an animation called “A tribute to Wicked” realized on “Popular Song” by MIKA re-edit for this occasion.
The video has been shared by the official MIKA and Wicked FB pages and by and many others.

HAPPY created by SILVIA EMME has conquered Pharrell Williams and his team. They have decided to share the video on the official page “i am OTHER” by Pharrell.
Given the success of HAPPY, Vincenzo Mollica, an influential Italian journalist has make a special report on "HAPPY mania”. During the story "Everybody is crazy for HAPPY”, the reporter has showed and talked about Silvia’s video.

DARK HORSE is the last Silvia’s creation inspired by KATY PERRY's song of the same name. Given the great buzz it's created, Katy Perry's official Italian and French Facebook pages and her record label CAPITOL RECORDS have all decided to post Silvia's video.

Silvia is also very active in the social, helping various charities: AISLA, Clown & Clown Festival, Dynamo Camp, Fundaciò PortAventura (Spain), SOS Villaggi dei Bambini, The Children For Peace Onlus.

In 2012 and 2014, on the occasion of "International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia" Silvia creates the video "Stop Homophobia" that goes around the world in less than 24 hours.

With several successes in many Countries, today Silvia is required all over the world for her live shows and for the creation of themed videos.